Privacy Policy

If you have requests or questions regarding our products, services, delivery
times or on-going orders, you may contact me via the “contact me” via the web
page or directly contact me on

The following Privacy Policy applies when the customer (you) use, place an
order, give a donation or become part of the TMK community on the website

Your personal data is an asset of yours that we are obliged by law to handle with
care and responsibility. According to Swedish and European law we have
obligations to you and a responsibility to inform about our processing of your
data. All information given to us by you or obtained when you visit our web site
will be processed by TMK. The information will be used to improve your user
experience and enable us to fulfil our business obligations to you and for
marketing purposes. TMK will not share your personal data to a third party
unless they are providing a specific service such as shipping an item or invoicing.
TMK does never sell your personal data.

TMK store data in order to fulfil our business obligations to our customers and
your information will be handled in accordance with the applicable legislation.
We manage the following information: name, contact details, delivery address,
email and phone number, IP-address, order information, payment information,
and payment history.

In order to be able to fulfil and deliver orders placed with TMK we collect
delivery and shipment information, payment and treatment of returns,
exchanges and quality claims. You can choose to pay via3rd party services. If you
provide personal data to these parties, TMK will not be able to access your
personal data. For information please visit the owners of these services home
pages and read their privacy policies there.
The personal data collected for fulfilment of purchasing agreement are as
follows: Name, contact details; delivery address, email and phone number, IPaddress,
order information, payment information, payment history

– You have the right to request access to the personal data we store about you. We
aim to always be transparent with how we process your personal data. If you
want to gain a deeper insight into what personal data we process about you, you
have the right to access that information.

– You have the right to get your personal data corrected if it’s wrongfully stated.

– You also have the right to have personal data completed if it is incomplete.

– You have the right to request that the processing of your personal data is

– You have the right to request that personal data we process should be
restricted and that future processing is limited to certain purposes.

– You have the right to request to have your personal data deleted.

– You have the right to request to have your personal data deleted. Please note
that we can be forced to decline your requests regarding deletion of your
personal data if there are legal obligations that prevent us. These obligations are
based on the Swedish bookkeeping act, tax regulations, banking laws and
consumer purchases act.

For all inquiries regarding personal data, please send your request in an email to Please note that if you refuse us to handle certain personal
data, we may have to decline your purchase order.